What Our Customer Says About US

I am satisfied with the complete services proved by DG Heating, thanks to their customer support for guiding me with a very polite way, and for the Brilliant service they provided. They are very helpful.

- John Slimon, Oakham

I was in need of new boiler installation at my old house, DG Heating have carried out the whole process, I am really glad with their services and professionalism, they kept me informed of all progress throughout .

Stan, Runcorn

I have had an experience of working with Domestic & General Heating for the purpose of getting a new central heating system. It was great working with the team of highly professional individuals. The assessor gave an astounding quote which I just couldn't refuse. The installers were equally impressive, assuring a problem-free installation.

- Mark Ashley

I needed cavity insulation in my house and a friends recommended Domestic & General Heating, the work done by the heating experts is satisfactory, I am glad I took the advice of my friend and hired this company

- Smith Andrews

I received Grade A boiler installation from a highly skilled team of boiler installers, the work done was on time and they tidied up later. I am very impressed by the professionalism of the installers and hope to work with Domestic & General Heating in future for other services.

- Sheldon Smith,

Great pleasure working with the Domestic & General Heating team for the installation of a solar PV in my home. I love the work they did and the way they handled critical things through the whole process. They proved to be a very resourceful. The Solar Panels are working perfectly fine, no problems so far. For getting solar PV this is the company to work with for sure.

- Mathew Adney

I needed a boiler finance to get a new boiler for my home and was lucky enough to find Domestic & General Heating, the company has a very professional team of experts who guided me in the best way possible. All the finance plans offered by them were discussed and once I was convinced a finance plan was settled. I am very satisfied with what I got from them.

- Adalynn Algar

The Loft insulation done by the D&G heating installers is impressive, I am very happy with the professionalism exhibited by the staff. Quality material was used for the insulation which is why the whole temperature of my house has become cosy. Hope to work with them again for other services.

- Peter Daniel

My boiler broke down and needed repairs, thankfully Domestic and General heating turned out to be a saviour by repairing the boiler in the minimal time. It is working fine now and is actually proving more efficient. Very impressed by the work done on my boiler

- Sandra Hogan

I have had an experience of working with D&G heating for my boiler installation in my store. It was great working with the team of highly professional individuals. Their assessors made thorough calculation of my space and produced the best results. I look forward to working with them in future.

- Aaron Whitmore

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